About Us

Phoenix Tax Services Pvt. Ltd is your One Stop Shop for all your accounting and tax handling needs. We are specialists in handling your income, profits and taxes. Our charges sound basic but are services feel like a platinum membership.

With years of experience behind us, we have proved ourselves from time to time as a trustworthy tax services provider.

If you are looking for a tax consultant in Chennai or in Hyderabad, without a second thought, you can choose us. We will provide you with a service that will be above and beyond your expectations. You have our word on that.

Services we offer

We are a multi-service business providing various kinds of service in the area of finance, taxation and more. Peep into our service wardrobe:-

Registration Services:-

Sole Proprietorship Registration:-

Sole Proprietorship is a single person firm and it is not mandatory to register a business of this type. But if you want to receive payments under your business name and not your name, you need to register your business.

When you make a Sole proprietorship registration, a current account will be created in your bank under your business name. After registering your business, you can receive payments under your business name.

Where do we come here? We register your business for you and you just have to provide the required details and documents.

Partnership Firm Registration:-

A Partnership business has more than one owner and it may require extra legal work. The registration process is different from a business with a single owner and it requires the building of proper documentation.

We will assist you in the registration process and provide further services over your partnership business.

Private Limited Registration:-

Private Limited Company is the most sophisticated form of businesses in India. The business assets are separated from personal assets under this type of business.

A Private Limited Company consists of shareholders and the total capital of the company is made of shares.

The registration process has more steps and our team is ready to assist you in starting a Private Limited Company.

SSI Registration:-

If you want to start a small scale industry or cottage industry, you need to get a SSI registration which will add benefits to your business. There are two stages of registration:-

Provisional stage Registration- You can get loans for your business after this registration.

Permanent stage Registration- You are all set and good to go with your business now.

We will do the registration process for you, you can just provide everything necessary and sit back to start your business.

VAT Registration:-

VAT- Value Added Tax is a consumption tax placed on a product whenever value is added during the different stages from production to sales. You can hold a manufacturing business or a trading business, whatever it may be, you need to apply for VAT.

Our Service officials will be glad to assist you in getting your VAT registration.

PAN and TAN Registration:-

PAN means Permanent Account Number and TAN means Tax deductions Account Number. Every business needs to get a PAN and TAN number to function. Both the PAN and TAN is a 10 digit- alphanumeric number.

Getting a PAN card and a TAN card for your business is easy, our team will assist you in the process.

Other Registration Services:-

ESI and EPF:-

Businesses should also make registrations to provide their employees with various benefits. Considering the life and health of employees, the Government has a scheme called ESI- Employee State Insurance. Apart from that, the well known EPF scheme(Employee Provident Fund requires the company to go through a process of registration.

These registrations processes can be tiring if done by yourself. That’s where we come in. You can leave the job to us and focus on the other works of your business.

Food License(FSSAI):-

Every Food business in the country must gain a license from the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India to function. The license or registration number should be found on the food products.

The registration process is on us, you can just focus on making high quality food products.


A Trademark is a sign or design which is a type of intellectual property that identifies products or services of a particular business from products or services from other businesses. The purpose of getting a trademark is to prevent unfair competition by protecting the symbol or logo or slogan of a business.

You just provide us with the required documents and we will get your Trademark registered in no time.


Import Export Code registration is mandatory for businesses wanting to sell their products overseas. IEC code is a 10 digit unique code issued by DGFT – Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Government of India to businesses in India, that want to get involved in import and export trade.

You can count on us to get your IEC registration done.

Business Tax Services:-

To start a business(be it a sole proprietorship or partnership or private limited), the skills and plans for the business are not enough. You need hands to manage your income and handle your taxes. Managing your accounts and preventing yourself from being in the red over taxes would become the work of our well-experienced team, if you choose us to provide you with tax services.

To show you a piece of what we do, we have listed some of the taxes you would need to pay as a business:-

  • TDS(Tax Deducted at Source)
  • Service Tax
  • Excise duty
  • Sales Tax
  • Advance Tax

We are really good at what we do. So if you are in search for a tax consultant in Chennai and Hyderabad for your partnership firm, your search for one is over.

Business Tax Return Services:-

If you had tried your hands on filing tax returns, you know that it is a stressful activity. It is stressful because it is not your job, it is the job of a chartered accountant or auditor.

Tax return is the documentation of your finances that has to be submitted to the Government annually. If you have paid more than what you owe, the Government will give you a tax refund. The failure to submit tax returns in a proper way at the proper time can lead to legal issues.

The different tax returns a business has to handle are:-

  • Income Tax Return
  • VAT Return
  • Service Tax Return
  • TDS Return
  • ESI Return
  • EPF Return

If you are searching for Good auditors in Chennai or in Hyderabad to handle the tax returns of your business, you are in the right page now. Contact us right away and get that burden off your shoulders.

Income Tax and Income Tax Return Services:-

Auditor’s Report Services:-

Every business requires financial documentation based on its size and value. The more your business grows, the more documents you would need to build and maintain. The financial documentation process of your business can be a pain to you and can rip you off the ability to dream.

When you stop dreaming, you stop growing. We want you to dream and grow, and we promise to take good care of your business’s financial documentation.

Here are some of the reports that have to be built and documented for your business:-

Banker’s Certificate:- Every business needs to hold documents from it’s bank that attests of your presence and process.

Networth Certificate:- A Networth certificate is a document that functions as an indicator of the financial health of a business in various processes.

Provisional balance sheet:- A Provisional Balance sheet is a financial document used by businesses to prepare for audits or to report financial information of the business.

Projection report:- A report build on studying your present state, the nature of your business and predicting a result that is likely to be achieved by the company. To be blunt, it is the collection of the estimates of the future financial performance of your business.

Business profile:- A document that announces who you are and what you do as a business, what you sell and what services you do, how many resources you have and how much does it cost to manage them, what is the state of your finances, etc.

It takes a well-experienced auditor to get this job done. We have a team of well-experienced professionals who can get your documents on the table in no time.

Account books Services :-

The success of a business is not just about selling products that people would want to buy, it also includes the proper management of accounts.

Day book:- An accounts book in which a day’s transactions are recorded for future use.

Petty Cash book- An accounts book that records expenses that are very small and are of little value. Ex:- Stationary, Stamps, daily wages, etc.

Journals- An accounts book that has detailed descriptions of all the transactions that have taken place under the business name.

Ledgers- The Accounts book that is called the Book of final entry. It records classified and summarized financial information as credits and debits, and shows their current balances.

Balance Sheet- An accounts book that contains information about the assets, liabilities and capital for a business at a point of time, with detailed information on the balance and expenditure in the preceding period.

If you are looking for auditors in Chennai to handle your account books, you can count on us to do it well for you. We have a well-experienced team in place, that has received appreciation after appreciation from many business leaders who are our clients.

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